Best Places To Look For African Women For Dating And Marriage

very sizzling hot african womanLately, quite a number of western men have shown their inclination to go with African women for dating and marriage.

If one was to analyze the data available on this phenomenon in all the African countries, the 5 Best Countries to Find African Women for Marriage have emerged as Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Benin, Kenya and Nigeria.

What is it that attracts western men to African beauties from these countries? Probably it is the intriguing sexual beauty of African women with delicate features and reticent smiles that have a magnetic effect on these men.

Women from these countries are also quite shy and conservative in nature due to the socio-economic structure of living that keeps them reserved to their homes and taking care of the household duties, while men go out to shoulder the responsibility of earning livelihood for the entire family.

Due to the financial dependence of these women on men, most of the African women are obedient, truthful and quite submissive in comparison to women from other parts of the world. These women also hold strong religious and moral values in their hearts and know the value of preserving the bonds that hold relationships together.

It is primarily due to these qualities possessed by African women that foreign men across the globe have started looking for them to enter into a serious and lasting relationship like marriage.

Where to Find African Women Seeking Foreign Mates

In countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria and Kenya where a large part of population lives in rural areas, there are quite a few attractive and educated women who are now trying to connect to men outside Africa through online chat and dating sites.

Capital cities like Nairobi, Laos and Addis Ababa are ideal places for finding exotic African women looking to find better partners than their African counterparts.

african women from all over the place

Though most of these African women are keen to prospect for men online, it will be essential to keep in mind that they also treasure the values of their culture and may get offended if approached in an inappropriate or ungainly fashion.

It is true that these women are also desirous of getting the same kind of attention given to women in other parts of the world, but they are not going to be swept away by just high sounding proposals having very little substance.

The key to reaching their hearts actually lies in an honest and straight forward approach that is devoid of any false pretensions. Giving them the space where they could show their capabilities and express their rich sense of culture and heritage.

Ivory Coast – World Class Beauties

Ivory Coast situated in West Africa is another country that is quite famous for its African beauties that have won it many titles in the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants. A coastal country facing the gulf of Guinea, Ivory Coast can be an ideal place for finding beautiful and sensitive African women for dating and marriage.

african miss universe


Benin – The New Girls on the Block

The same is true with Benin, which is also a coastal West African country flanked by Togo and Nigeria on its left and right.

Benin has some of the most beautiful women in the region but it is not as popular a destination for men seeking African wives as some of the other African countries mentioned in this article;  the primary reason being that women in Benin are still lacking some of the basic civil liberties that their sisters in Ethiopia or Nigeria enjoy.

Benin is still largely a country controlled by strict traditional values and ruled almost entirely by men. But this is slowly starting to change with the spread of the internet.  Many of the large International dating sites have hundreds of dating profiles of beautiful women from Benin looking for foreign boyfriends and husbands.

Western men who are looking to date women from Benin will however need to keep in mind that it will be fine as long as they are dating these women on-line. But the scenario will be different if they decide to travel to Benin to meet a woman in person.

Due to the conservative cultural background of the region, most of the families of these women would only entertain such liaisons when there is a longer commitment from the visiting men. Without such commitments though, the trip might not prove very beneficial for the visiting men from other countries.

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