Online Dating: 10 Tips While Traveling Abroad

For anyone interested in, or preparing for their first (or next) trip abroad, may it be to adventure to countries or just one, dating and using the internet to find your potential future mate is literally just a few clicks away.

It can be a little intimidating determining which online dating sites, apps, or social media networks are best for possibly meeting the future woman of your dreams.

However, we’ve come up with 10 Tips you must know before traveling and dating abroad, how to find the best fit for you, and how to acclimate to the environment to increase your appeal towards women in these new places!

1. First and foremost, no matter what website or dating app you’re using, it is essential that you do not misrepresent yourself. Be as sincere as possible, honest, and open about what it is you’re looking for. You should also take your time determining which women to respond to, or meet up with for a date and do so with meaningful reasoning.

2. Using the internet to meet new people, make friends, and date beautiful, single women abroad is almost a “science”, but should not be underestimated for its purpose. After all, what you say online will be expected in person.

Most importantly, consider dating online and talking to women, as well as meeting them in person as a sort of “interview”, to determine whether you two might be right for one another – or perhaps just better off friends.

3. Another big part of dating, no matter where you are in the world, is to learn how to accept rejection – or simply put, not always receiving the responses you’d like or perhaps when you’d like them. The world is a very diverse place, full of beautiful, single, and special women of various unique, personalities that may or may not be interested in you.

It’s not unheard of for messages to “go dry”. Sometimes people just stop writing, lose interest, experience a personal issue, or simply just have a flakey personality – in which case you’re better off anyway.

This is why the emotional attraction is so much more valuable than physical, as it helps “weed out” any insincere women, gold-diggers, or ones that are otherwise simply unlikely to like (or love) you for who you are.

woman eating apple while scanning her phone

4. For the sake of privacy (and protection), especially while traveling abroad, try to make it a point to ensure you’re not easily searchable or found on the internet.

By this, we don’t necessarily mean your social media (although that too for the sake of avoiding stalkers), but more specifically employment information, family details, etc. Case in point, don’t put anything about or including you on the internet that you wouldn’t want a stranger to be able to see.

5. Make it a point, no matter where you meet and find your foreign lady of interest, to communicate clearly with her about your expectations – and no sex talk when you’ve only just met or started messaging one another.

This can be a huge turn off for – most respectable – women, and can also set you up for women that are only after one thing – or worse, give you unwanted diseases, demand money, or other troubles.

6. When traveling abroad, searching, and dating foreign women online, try to learn what the typical “day off” is per the country you’re living in, and what popular time most single, attractive women that you’re interested in are likely to come online.

This will help you to maximize your chances of engaging, meeting with women, and potentially finding the perfect woman you’ve been yearning for.

7. As you create your online dating profile, use apps, or common social media sites try to put yourself, if possible, in the position of the woman. Ask yourself whether or not you’d be interested in, would reply to you, and if not, why?

Understand that, in most if not all countries around the world that women are used to being hit on, and the typical, generic flattery – so try to set yourself apart, and really personalize your messages or interactions with her. This should also be kept in mind and applied during your dates too.

travellers in front of the Eiffel Tower

8. Talk (or words on a screen) is cheap, so rather than fill your profile with personality traits, why you’re different, or what makes you desirable, prove it in person. Many people can ‘talk the talk’, and for some (sadly), it’s even a “trade” of sorts – think “players”.

If possible, look at lots of women’s profiles on various dating and social media sites, and study what it is they enjoy or are looking for in a man and try to include some of these things in your personal profile.

9. Try not to be too critical or “bossy” in your dating profile or interactions with potential women you meet online. Because you’re traveling abroad you are bound to experience different cultures, which means their personalities and the ways they interpret what you write or say may differ greatly.

Also, this is a good time to point out why, and how counterproductive including sarcasm or jokes on your profile and messages can be. It might be easy for a woman to misinterpret them, especially if English is not her first language, or, she’s simply not familiar with American humor.

10. Try to avoid “net speak” and abbreviations while chatting with new women online, no matter what the platform is. It comes off as “cheap” or lazy and might give your woman of interest an “impersonal” impression of you.

Also, always check your spelling and grammar – again, you’re not just jotting down a note for yourself to stick on the refrigerator – so keep what you want to say both legible, and meaningful.

Extra Tip: Remain as positive as possible at all times, optimistic, and look for the good things about your life, your personality, experiences, and desires as you travel and date women abroad.

After all, you’re in their home country, and it’s more or less your responsibility to adapt to it, understand, or at least respect their culture, and learn how to “blend in” so to speak.

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