Top 7 Sexiest World Destinations for Single Men

Sao Paulo, Brazil

brazilian girls with big booty at the beach

Every year men and women from all over the Globe visit Brazil as one of the top picks for a tourist destination, especially during February and March to celebrate Carnivales!

Brazilian women are some of the sexiest, Latin women in the world. From their perfectly colored caramel skin, to their amazing, round physiques men absolutely go wild for these women. Brazil is also a host tourist destination because it touts some of the most clear-water, sexiest beaches in all of Latin America. For anybody looking to have a good time Brazil is the place to be, as parties are not just limited to Carnivales, and ‘block-parties’ seem to be a nearly daily occurrence.

In essence, everydays a celebration in Brazil, and in combination with their delicious foods and cooking-skills it’s no wonder men and women go bananas to visit Brazil. Only a 2-4 hour flight from most places in the USA this is a top tourist destination for it’s sexiest women, beaches, adventuring and sight-seeing destinations throughout it’s beautiful country.

Boracay, Philippines

Sizzling hot women in Boracay Island, Philippines

The Philippines is known internationally for it’s welcoming culture, customs, and overall optimistic attitudes and freedoms to be yourself and enjoy life.

Some of the most incredible beaches can be found in the Philippines, in particular Boracay. This is a top destination not only for beaches, surfing, and exciting bars but it also hosts some of the country’s most popular techno, trance, and EDM concerts which is a blast for sound-enthusiasts and ravers alike!

Boracay, Philippines is covered in white-sand beaches, clear blue water, and incredible views under the night sky thanks to it’s nearly zero light pollution. Filipinas are arguably some of the most compassionate, catering, and adventurous women on the earth. Filipinos in general take great pride in their national heritage, independence, and rely on tourism annually to boost it’s economy which has struggled in the past.

Boracay is full of festivals, backpacking adventures, exotic-animals, sight-seeing, and more. Thanks to the Philippines many islands you’re always just a boat trip away from the next island-adventure! The Philippines speaks English as it’s major business and educational language, but learning a few words of Tagalog will definitely make all the difference and help you along your way in your adventures!

The Philippines is a considerably safe place, and has been a top tourist destination for global tourism for centuries thanks to this, and it’s many places to see and various cultures and people to meet along the way – hosting over 7 major languages on it’s various islands!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The "Red Light District" in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has long been known for it’s party scene and special “bars” that meet many adult-needs for those looking to have an extra-curricular oriented time and enjoy a nice snack and conversation. Amsterdam also has some of the most beautiful, Dutch women, river-boat tours, romantic dinners, beautiful scenery and nightlife scene!

Outside of it’s infamous “Red Light District” still has some of the most incredibly sexy women in the world, with a petite figure, blonde hair, light eyes, bubbly personalities, and a European culture that’ll knock your socks off! Amsterdam has a very artistic heritage and hosts many tourist-sites, houses, and buildings from the 17-century Golden Age, so prepare to be amazed! In addition to it’s incredible beautiful and outgoing women, it also hosts some of the most fascinating, artistic, and intricate museums in the entire world.

Amsterdam although not limited to it’s nightlife, does have a huge EDM, trance, techno, and even Dubstep scene so partygoers indeed will have the night of their life when they take a trip to this incredibly beautiful, clean, and welcoming country! For those into concerts and a good time you’ll be happy to know that Amsterdam is a frequent stop for popular party DJ, DJ Tiesto.

Playa El Agua, Venezuela

a relaxing view of Playa del Agua in Venezuela

Venezuela in addition to it’s sexy language has some of the most slim, attractive and dark-eyed beauties around! Venezuela women are mesmerizing to the eyes, enjoy meeting new people, and absolutely love to have a good time.

Found on the North coast of South America Venezuela is known for it’s various tropical resort beaches, clubs, and parties that have activities far and beyond! From backpacking to hiking, Venezuelans are adventurers, and being right next to Columbia offers it’s visitors some of the sexiest people around!

Thanks to it’s extraordinarily sized mountains Venezuela not only has backpacking, but adventuring through it’s forests and beaches are easily a top-pick for romantic vacations, meeting new people, and enjoying time under the sun with incredibly beautiful, genuine-hearted women that will happily show off their culture, foods, and language to you in the most attractive ways imagined!

Playa El Agua in particular attractions hundreds of thousands of tourists around the globe annually, but thanks to it’s design and tourist seasons it’s easy to get away from all the music and partying to nearby islands for a getaway or to meet new awesome people! Venezuelan women are extremely accommodating, love learning new languages, and take great pride in their skillful cooking and home-made recipes that will drive your taste buds wild- sexy and talented!

Moscow, Russia

girls from a nightclub in Moscow, Russia

Believe it or not, the heart of Russia (Moscow) touts some of the most tall, sexy, fit, and stylish women around the globe! Although super cold during the winter-time, Moscow Russia has incredibly bearable climates in it’s hotter seasons and is a joy to visit thanks to it’s both Western and Eastern influences.

Russian women are some of the most desirable in the world, many touting a ‘model type’ appearance, often possessing to-die-for ice blue eyes, long blonde hair, extremely well-cared for physiques, and a great sense of not only style in clothes, but also taste in food! Russian food although spicy at times or unusual for most, can be very delicious with a little effort, and after all, the woman likely cooking it is the hottest you’ve ever met in your entire life!

With it’s various romantic attractions, sight-seeing opportunities, and diverse population in Moscow it’s no wonder that so many Western foreigners continue to visit Russian today, seeking out arguably the sexiest women in the world, and an extremely appealing, romantic language with bold women that know what they want and are looking for!

Moscow is very rich in nightlife, and although by no means a top party-destination definitely has some of the most appealing clubs thanks’ to it’s incredible sophisticated, sexy, and likeable women!

Antalya, Turkey

night party at Marmaris Turkey

Believe it or not, Turkey has some of the worlds most frequented sea resort and beach destinations in the world! Thanks to it’s incredibly maintained beaches and environmentally-friendly attitudes many places in Turkey are nearly spotless, allowing you to focus your attention on the incredible beauties that bless you with their presence.

Turkish women carry themselves with great evidence, take very good care of their bodies, and have some of the most incredibly attractive faces thanks to their Roman, Greek, and Persian ethnic influences and backgrounds.

Turkey is a top pick one of the world’s sexiest and exciting places to visit thanks to places like Marmaris that are literally beach-towns that constantly enjoy life, partying, adventuring, and exploring with both locals and tourists. For anyone looking to meet incredible people, enjoy flowing beaches with impeccable views Turkey is the place to be!

To top off it’s incredible appeal Turkey also has another hidden-gem, Side, Turkey which is a beach town and resort that also includes some of the world’s oldest, most attractive and exciting ruins and exploration opportunities for anyone serious about meeting new people, diving into a culture head first, and enjoying nightlife in new and exciting ways!

Cartagena and Bogota, Columbia

hot masquerade girls from Colombia

Even in light of it’s recent negative feedback and reports on the news, Columbia is still a top tourist destination thanks to it’s mixed ethnicity, culture, and frequent tourists and influences from nearly everywhere in the world!

Colombian women are super sexy, fun, love to dance, and find foreigners absolutely adoring. Colombian women although not the most common to speak English fluently love to meet new people, learn new languages, and meet new people.

If you’re looking for the time of your life, consider visiting Cartagena or Bogota Columbia to experience it’s true culture, meet new people, make friends, and find out why although last, but no means is it the least most sexiest place on earth to visit, and even better one of the most affordable!

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