Why You Should Use a Brazilian Dating Site

Using the services of Brazil mail order bride site is easy and gives both parties complete control over their decisions to date or marry.

Both parties must be interested, compliant and willing, there is never any coercion or underhanded business associated with finding love through mail order bride services.

Finding love is hard and yet it is what most people want and desire more than anything else. Take some of the difficulty out of the equation by registering with websites offering like minded Brazil girls eager to meet, date and marry the man of their dreams.

Meeting your perfect match, even if she is oceans away, is easy and hassle free with the help of internet dating and mail order bride websites.

Do not become discouraged in your search for your perfect Brazil girl. Log on to a Brazil mail order brides website and get started on the path to everlasting love and marriage today.

Brazilian mail order brides are very popular because Brazilian Women are known for their attractiveness and flexibility.  They are known for their charm and beauty and anyone who marries a Brazilian bride may have surely hit the jackpot.

Interracial matrimony is indeed a trend these days. The reason why most men are open to this is to explore more options.  Brazilian women are head turners. They can really make men fall in love with them effortlessly.

Brazilian women are also intelligent and they enjoy life to the fullest. If problems arise, they try to fight it in a calm and reasonable manner.

They also have a deeper sense of togetherness, compassion and many other admirable traits. Aside from their beauty and intelligence, they are also religious and sensitive. You can really count on what these women can offer.


In fact, they really make a perfect lifetime partner. They are sensitive to your needs and will also take good care of her family. Brazilian girls are also very fascinated by cheerful men.

They too are humorous and they love men who can make them laugh. You will not regret marrying a Brazilian woman as they possess everything that you have been dreaming of.

Brazilians also love music and dancing. Prior to getting close to a Brazilian woman, you need to learn the Samba moves or you can perhaps tell her to teach you. She will gladly accept the offer.

Try to be as lively and interesting as possible. Never bore her with the lack of sense of humor and you should also try to be spontaneous.

You should not make her feel awkward and try to give her a sense of security even if you have just met in person. Doing this will surely pay off as you are starting to build a lasting relationship with her.

Once you talk to her regularly, you will also be able to know if she is really the right person for you.  This is why mail order bride sites are complete with profile and photos so you can easily identify whether or not you are heading in the right direction.

Do not be frustrated if you have not met your match yet. After all, there are still to many fishes in the sea.

hot Brazilian models at the beach

How to Date Hot Brazilian Girls

Brazilian women pretty much come in every shade and ethnic mix imaginable.

Many of Brazil’s more prominent families are proud of their strong Spanish or Portuguese background.   Many other Brazilian women are descended from the large number of Italian immigrants who came to the country from about 1890 to 1930.

This is a pretty common ethnic mix for Latin America, but it is really just the tip of the iceberg for Brazil.  There are lots of hot Brazilian babes of Japanese descent, because according to the Brazilian government there are nearly 1.5 million Brazilians of Japanese ancestry.

There are even Brazilian redneck girls with certified Confederate heritage.  You see after the South got stomped in the American Civil War some of the defeated Southerners decided to pack up and move to Brazil.  These people were known as Confederos and they introduced watermelons, pecans, and fried chicken to Brazil.

Wow!  I would say Brazil won the Civil War.  Anyhow, if you meet a hot Brazilian girl who seems to have a special affinity for NASCAR, bass fishing, and watermelon, maybe she’s a Confederos.

After World War II there was another wave of immigrants from a country that suffered a catastrophic military defeat when considerable Germans immigrated to Brazil and many blond Brazilian bikini girls are the descendants of these honest German soldiers.  Don’t even bother to ask what grampa did during the war, because the answer is always the same, “He was just a common soldier.”

Yes, that’s probably not true, but you can bet that the Brazilian cutie believes it, so you would be wise not to press too much about her grandfather’s service for the Reich particularly if the old man is still alive and seems very worried about being photographed and mumbles constantly about the Mossad.

In recent years there substantial numbers of Middle Easterners, mostly Syrians and Lebanese,  and Eastern Europeans, mostly Ukrainians, have immigrated to Brazil.  So, Brazil really is a bubbling melting pot.

Rio beach bikini babes

Rio Bikini Babes Culture

Furthermore, because of the all pervasive beach culture Rio girls, regardless of their class or race, tend to be fit, toned, and sexy.

In fact, you will run into far more athletic, toned Brazilian girls than you will from any other Latin countries, because every Brazilian girl knows that ten months out of the year she has to be able to look good in a tiny micro bikini.

That pushes a lot of Brazilian girls into becoming gung-ho gym rats.  Most guys don’t think it’s a bad thing, but remember Brazilian men are more or less equally fitness obsessed and perhaps even more fashion conscious .

So, if you want to successfully date the girl from Ipanema you need to throw out the Cheetohs and get to the gym.

As a guy from the US, the EU, Canada, or Australia you have some intangibles going for you, but very few beautiful Rio babes are going to give a fat guy a second look.

You don’t have to be an Adonis, but you do need to make an effort to get in at least passable shape, dress well, and show great manners.

Brazil’s growth as a center of the Latin mail order bride movement in the last few years is surprising, because during this period the Brazilian economy has boomed and it seems odd that so many women are signing up for mail order bride services.

Certainly, the critics of the modern mail order bride movement are perplexed about why beautiful, talented, intelligent young women from a country that is poised to potentially become the economic and political powerhouse of the twenty-first century are willing to marry foreign men without a long traditional courtship.

bride in a box

The Brazilian Mail Order Brides Industry

The truth is that all of the countries with a strong mail order bride industry are also heavily male dominated societies, but societies where women still have some free will.

That is certainly the case in Brazil.   Brazilian women did not win the right to vote until 1933 and they did not get the right to divorce their husbands until 1977.

The growth of satellite television and the internet have been really great for American and European men, because all of these women watch American romantic comedies and think that American guys are just like the lovable, sweet guys in the movies.

And I suppose the European guys should put in a good word for Hugh Grant.

Anyhow, all of these media portrayals of dating, marriage, and family in the US and Europe look pretty good to girls used to the stereotypical Brazilian macho guys.

The fact that many of the guys that go after mail order brides are older probably helps even more, because they are probably a little more relaxed and open than younger guys.

girl from Ipanema

Dating the Girl From Ipanema

Regardless, you can bet that lots of Brazilian girls in the last decade have had friends and relatives marry guys from Ohio, Ontario, and Oklahoma.

If these ladies were not generally happy there would not be nearly so many beautiful fit Brazilian babes signing up for mail order bride agencies.

The strange thing about this is that by American, Canadian, Australian, and European standards most Brazilian women are pretty conservative.

They are really a lot like American women in the 1950s – except for a much more open attitude about sex and micro bikinis.   The problem is that the attitude of most Brazilian men towards marriage and family is closer to the 1550s.

So, maybe with a little luck you can date the girl from Ipanema.

Getting the Most Out of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a huge place, known to many as hub of partying, dancing, beaches, exciting colleges, and being one of the most eventful hub-cities known to man! Rio is a huge city, full of fashion, upscale restaurants and bars, and plenty of beautiful, single women looking to have a great time and meet new people.

Having Fun at the Beach

Rio is full of beautiful, eventful beaches that run long with incredibly sexy Brazilian women all throughout. Rio is broken into a Northern and Southern frame, separated by mountains and incredible beaches.

Two of the most popular and desirable beaches for meeting awesome new people and incredibly gorgeous, classy Brazilian women of all types are Copacabana and Ipanema. Both of these beaches are also full of different party events, as well as beach-bars. If you’re smart and lucky, you’ll manage to get a hotel or hostel near one of these beaches!

It’s also worth checking out Leblon, as this is a beach more frequently by the locals, so you’re more likely to meet a more ‘native’ Brazilian woman, perhaps less likely interested in your wallet and more interested in your personality—just our two cents! There’s nothing wrong with having some fun, just know who and what you’re getting into before getting down there!

a beach resort in Rio de Janeiro

The beach bars sprawled across Ipanema and Copacabana are of different ‘class’ or levels and while some are more basic with just basic seating and beverages, others offer elaborate seafood platters and fancy wines or other imported foods and drink.

Bar Astor is a wonderful place to get started, with nice drinks and classy food you’re nearly guaranteed to meet some new amazing, sexy and single Brazilian women and their friends!

The Sidewalk Patio is another nice, lower-key spot, but would be more of a romantic place to take your new date or girlfriend for a nice sunset or sunrise meal and possibly drink.

Ipanema Beach is most desirable if you’re looking to just kick back and relax, buy drinks on your own at small little stands, or hang out at more local, affordable bars and just enjoy the sights!

While both of these two main beaches have some more ritzy bars that are frequented by some popular A-Listers such as Hollywood stars and even the Obama family, where you pick and what you decide to do with your trip and money is of course completely up to you!

Remember, are you there to spend loads of money and eat expensive food and money or are you there to meet some sexy, single Brazilian women of your dreams and mingle?

Brazilian women have a great taste in foods and drink, but also know how they want their men. So, don’t lose focus, and match up the type of gear you’re wearing and what you’re doing with the type of Brazilian beauties you’re interested in meeting and take it from there!

Brazilian carnival dancers

Dance Your Way Into a New Crowd of Beauties

Some of the most popular places in Rio to meet incredible, elegant, and sexy Brazilian women are at dance schools and clubs throughout Rio—which as we said is substantially large and covers a lot of space.

If you’re serious about working on your dance movies and discovering new types of Brazilian sexiness then definitely consider some of Rio’s dance schools as well as dance-clubs. Brazilian women are not afraid to express themselves and dance in some of the most mesmerizing and sexy ways you’ve undoubtedly ever seen in your life!

Check out the most popular and largest Samba Dance Club in Rio, Rio Scenarium, to meet some incredibly hot women and make your way around collecting a few numbers, and maybe even scoring a date or two out of your adventures and good-faith efforts to express yourself some of the hottest women in Latin American on the dance floor!

This place has a great reputation, has 3 floors, and is frequented by both locals, as well as Brazilian women from outside of Rio, which really mixes it up and offers you some new, exotic beauties to enjoy, mingle, and even perhaps date should you get that far and remain on your game!

If you’re looking for an even more open, and equally tourist friendly and popular Samba Club, then definitely check out Democráticos. This dance club is built into an old mansion and is sure to impress both you, as well as its other visitors who come to dance and party.

Brazilian women are very open, and again, absolutely love expressing their sexuality and confidence on the dance floor—so get in there! What are you waiting for? Even if you’re not expert, the Brazilian women will adore you for your efforts, and more than likely they’ll be more than willing to lead or help you learn, as they take great pride in their culture, dancing, and making new friends.

If you’re definitely serious about picking up a few Samba skills in a professional dance-school, then it’s definitely worth checking out Centro Cultural Carioca which has a great reputation and is also very tourist friendly—plus a lot of the classes are taught by extremely sexy instructors, so you’re sure to learn something, right?

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask your gorgeous natural Brazilian beauty of a dance instructor ‘directions to’ the Rio Opera house and maybe you can even manage to drop in an invite in there—that’s right, it CAN be that easy!

Check Out Street Parties and Festivals

Tired of the Discos? Check Out Street Parties and Festivals!

If you’re looking for a ‘no entry fee’ party to get involved with and meet new sexy and single Brazilians and mingle with new friends then it’s definitely worth checking out the street parties sprawled out throughout both Lapa and Gavea.

The beauty of street-parties are everyone’s partying OUTSIDE! While there’s still bars to go in and out of, there’s plenty of cheap and affordable beers and other alcohol being sold by vendors right on the street, and this is an awesome way to pick up a Brazilian beauty while having the night of your life!

The street parties in Gavea are especially popular on most Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays because students from PUC come to relax and let loose! So meet yourself and possibly pick up a beautiful, sexy and single Brazilian love or two and have the night of your life!

Tourist Tips

Before getting out there and throwing the party of your life and meeting new sexy Brazilian women it’s worth keeping in mind a few key-pointers.

  • Not all sexy, fun Brazilian women that you might happen to meet with, dance, and party with will be single, so try not to always assume and be respectful—because her “Novio” (boyfriend) might just be a few feet or a phone call away and making the wrong move could lead to unwanted trouble.
  • Always keep an eye out and be aware for the difference between meeting single, sexy Brazilian women just looking to hook up, versus prostitutes. Usually at some point or another, a price will be offered or discussed, and if you’re not looking for this, keep it moving!
  • Lastly, always make an effort to maintain a copy of your Passport with you stored in a safe place at all times. This will keep you safe and ‘legit’ as well as make it less likely that you’ll be hassled or face necessary bribe scenarios with the local police for whatever reason.

Try to stick with the crowd, and don’t wonder off or away from them! No dark alleys, shady bars, or shady people. Use your common safe and most importantly, “be safe”!

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