15 Cheap Travel Destinations Where You Can Meet Beautiful Women

Many people do not realize the benefit of selecting a less expensive place to travel. By doing this, they are many times able to stay longer and are also potentially able to take more trips during the year. In fact, many places that are less expensive to travel are actually some of the more beautiful spots that the world has to offer.

Thus, when planning your next vacation, it is wise to consider a destination that has a lower cost. By doing this, you will be able to get more for your money while enjoying arguably the same or similar level of luxury that you would at an overpriced resort in a hot vacation destination. Consider these fifteen cheap travel destinations when planning your next holiday:

girls and beach in Thailand

1. Thailand

Thailand is a rare find in the world because it has both safety and affordable luxury that is paired with spectacular scenery. What is truly remarkable about Thailand is that if you take the one-hour flight from Bangkok down to Phuket that costs roughly $32, you will be able to live in a resort for the month and pay the same that many people do for a two-week vacation in a luxury resort that is substantially more expensive.

For example, it is possible to pay $29 per night for a junior suite that is poolside with breakfast water and coffee included in Phuket. Values such as this are incredible. Furthermore, the average high-quality lunch costs $10 for two, making Thailand a sensational choice to not only live well, but to also actually be able to afford organized tours.

2. Venezuela

Venezuela is another hidden gem in Latin America due to how devalued their currency is. Venezuela boasts several five-star resorts that anyone paying in dollars can stay in for less than $10 per day with the devaluation of the currency. What is ideal about these resorts is that you are beachfront on the Caribbean on Margarita Island and have five-star service at your disposal.

Thus, consider Venezuela in your plans in the coming years because it provides one of the least expensive options that you will see on the Caribbean.

3. Turkey

Turkey is another hidden gem that has a plethora of world history all over the country. Even in Istanbul, it is possible to stay in a five-star hotel for $50 per night with a view of the Haga Sofia. Hotels such as these also include breakfast and a complimentary afternoon Turkish coffee break. What is important to remember about Turkey is that the level of customer service is much higher in the luxury hotels than in other parts of the world.

Thus, the five-star hotel that you are staying in for next to nothing will have the service of what a six-star hotel would, for example. The lodging aside, Turkey is very affordable both for sightseeing and dining making it a great place to enjoy the world’s history and a luxury vacation for a third of the cost.

4. Greece

Given the Greek economy’s downturn, this leaves a remarkable opportunity for travelers. In fact, those wishing to go to the Greek Isles, this is the time. Even in hot spots such as Santorini, it is possible to get a suite for less than $50 per night. Deals such as these are easily found.

Furthermore, the sites in Greece are very reasonable to see and also the country boasts very affordable food. For those who want to go island hopping in the Greek Isles, there are several affordable flights on Aegean Air or ferries to enjoy as well.

5. Hungary

Hungary, particularly Budapest, is another hidden gem. One can stay in a five-star hotel there for under $100 that has décor like the Palace of Versailles in France. What this tells you is that the overall standard of both living and tourism prices is very affordable.

For wine lovers, Hungary also offers sensational wine tasting options of very good wines for $3 per glass. By taking WizzAir, Budapest is easily reached by budget airline from most major European cities. Thus, consider Hungary on a European vacation where you are trying to save money in one of the cities that you are traveling to.

Echo beach house in Bali

6. Bali

Even though Bali has a very expensive side, it also has a local side that is very cheap. If a traveler is diligent, they will quickly realize the affordable deals to be experienced in Bali. For example, leave the tourist area of Kuta and go to Echo Beach. On this part of the island, you will be able to find hotels that range from $10 to $50 per night. Furthermore, dishes are between $2 and $4 per plate, which makes Bali another affordable destination to consider.

7. Central America

Central America is one of the most affordable regions in the world to travel. In fact, many travelers are able to travel on roughly less than $30 per day. For those who want to travel for one month or longer, Central America is a great place to spread out your time to have affordable lodging that is still luxurious while simultaneously seeing many different cultures in the Spanish-speaking world.

8. Cambodia

Cambodia is a little hidden affordable gem in Southeast Asia that many people do not consider vacationing in. What I can say from personal experience is that one can find a $2 per night hostel with private bathroom and room next to Angkor Watt. What this means is that for those who can spend around $50 per night, they will be staying in quite the luxurious hotel. Furthermore, for those travelers who enjoy boutique resorts, Cambodia has several sensational options to choose from that are far more affordable than other parts of Asia.

9. Myanmar

Given that the local government has opened up the country for more tourism in recent years, Myanmar is a great place to vacation and to do so affordably. If one heads to the south of the country that is situated on the Indian Ocean, they will be able to stay in resorts for $20 per night that are trying to attract more tourists. Right now, Myanmar is a great place to go while it is still affordable.

10. China

What is remarkable about China is the level of service you receive for paying very little. For example, one can stay in a nice Western hotel such as Marriot in Beijing and pay $100 for a suite. Within that hotel, exists an entirely different level of customer service that surpasses what one would experience in the Untied States at the same company. Additionally, the food in China is quite affordable averaging at about $4 per plate, which makes it an ideal place to vacation.

vineyard and aerial view of Portugal

11. Portugal

Portugal is a hidden affordable oasis in Europe because of the recent financial crisis that they had. By leaving Lisbon and venturing to some of the smaller and more beautiful Portuguese towns, one can live quite affordably at roughly $30 per night. For wine lovers, there are many local vineyards in that part of Portugal that are affordable and stunning to visit. For a meaningful Old World holiday, Portugal is a wonderful choice to be considered.

12. Australia

For those who are considering a working holiday, Australia is the place to be. The Australian government welcomes tourists who want to work as bartenders and waitresses for a few months and then travel for the rest. This is a great way to make meaningful friendships while simultaneously get to know the Australian culture like a local. Usually the visas last for six months, which creates a great travel experience and also the potential to get to Southeast Asia quite easily when one is done with their working holiday.

13. South Korea

South Korea appears expensive on the surface; however, if you truly get to know it, there is a way to live quite well there when you do not have a great deal of money. One example is the food. In Seoul, one can get an order of Korean Barbecue for less than $10, which would cost them $50 in other parts of the world. By navigating South Korea in this way, one is able to teach there for a year and save roughly $25,000 because the employer pays their housing and airfare.

14. India

India is a spectacular and affordable place to tour. Given that the cost of lodging is quite inexpensive and the overall cost of food is affordable, it is absolutely possible to tour through India on less than $30 per day and have a very meaningful and enjoyable holiday.

15. Tanzania

Tanzania is often skipped over on the affordable list due to the plethora of luxury safari options that are available. That being said, in Zanzibar, there are several affordable Italian resorts that are on the beach for $20 per night. Here one can have a sensational holiday that is made up of paradise.

What is important to remember is that travel is not necessarily as expensive as people think. Through research, you will be able to plan a spectacular holiday in some of the more beautiful parts of the world for $30 per day or less.

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