Finding Love in the Philippines: Understanding Filipinas

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While it’s unlikely to find or come up with a true “guide” per say, on interacting with, making sense of, or attracting a specific woman – or women – we’d like to think given our experience and knowledge on the matter, that we are at least in a position to give you genuine advice on finding love with a Filipina.

You see, not only taking into account that the Philippines is actually a really big country, but also that there are different types of women, from various provinces like Tarlac, to major cities like Manilla or Cebu.

So, with this in mind, read on to discover what to expect if and when you travel to the Philippines to find love, the types of women, and relationships you’re most likely to have – and how to make the most of your travels.

Know the Culture: Visiting the Philippines

First, it’s important to know that there is a substantial Spanish influence in the Philippines, including some actual Spanish words in their language here. Also, that much like the Spanish – as you’ll see with Latin American cultures– family is extremely important, as is God, religion, and humility.

And, while it’s true no place is guaranteed to be free of materialism, depending on the types of places you visit in the Philippines, chances are the majority of Filipinos you’ll meet will be quite humble, honest, and sincere.

So, should you decide to go to a major city like Manilla, or a smaller place like Angeles, it’s worth keeping in mind that many women you meet – especially from the provinces – will be traditional.

By traditional, we mean no sex before marriage, little to no promiscuity, meeting the parent’s first for approval, chivalry, and so forth.

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If you do not have these values, have variations of your own, or are looking for something different or a more modern and “open-minded” woman, then chances are going to a bigger city to meet one would make the most sense.

Likewise, you’ll notice that Filipinas that fluently – or near fluently – speak English will more than likely be the most “westernized” and therefore have the most in common with you.

This, however, is not to say that other, local, or more traditional Filipinas will not have things in common with you, but rather will perhaps find less in common with you than what you’re used to back home.

Enjoying Yourself: Finding the Right One

When you get to the Philippines, may it be Manilla or Cebu, a beach town like Subic, or even an island like Boracay, try to plan ahead of time. By this, we mean research local activities, water-sports, or other tourist spots, cafes, and the nightlife beforehand.

The last thing you want to do is get stuck dragging around, getting lost, or moping because you didn’t find the woman of your dreams – or without opening up your wallet.

Know that visiting everyday places like the mall or coffee shop, to something as simple as visiting the market can be the key to meeting the Filipina of your dreams.

Plenty of beautiful, single, and interested Filipinas are sure to be in these types of places. And, for those that live in places like Subic, the beach is their home, so it is not unusual for them to visit these places regularly – which means more options for you.

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Also, if you don’t want to be treated as a tourist, it’s better not to go to strictly-tourist places after the first few days if you feel comfortable, as this can save you both time and money.

Keep in mind with everyday tourist spots that these types of places often have Filipina “hustlers”, or working girls, so, use your discretion.

Similar to any other place you’ll visit, just like your own home, there will be certain types, groups, or even classes of Filipinas that you may or may not like, get along with, or be interested in. So, keeping this in mind remember, you’re as good as the crowd you’re with.

Generally speaking, Filipinos are extremely friendly, honest, and welcoming to tourists. In fact, don’t be surprised if during your everyday adventures outside you are offered by your neighbor or even a stranger on the street to “take shots” with them, or even share some of their food – this is just the nature of the Philippines and one of it’s many, true, lifestyle perks.

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Presentation and Playing Hard to Get: What to Expect

When traveling or visiting the Philippines, if you’re trying to find love then know that hygiene is pretty big here, and presentation can mean everything. So, make sure you take good care of yourself, your facial hair, hair in general, and even the smaller details like cleaning or trimming your nails if you really want to be noticed and attract beautiful, classy Filipinas.

Make sure you “dress the part”, depending on what makes you most comfortable, but also how you want to be seen, which can mean the difference between shorts and slacks. Also, perhaps if you’re going out somewhere fancy or looking to go out on a date, obviously somewhere that has a dress-formal requirement should be respected.

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Now, when it comes to Filipinas – just like women anywhere else – know that girls will be girls, but also that each woman should and will be different. So, whether you’re basing your choices off of age, looks, education, or all the above make sure you explore your options and don’t feel obligated to date or specifically spend all of your time with one particular woman.

Also, on a final note, keep in mind that Filipinas may or may not have a reputation for being “tardy”, turning guys down, playing hard to get, and also not showing up to dates at all. So, this is again where your discretion will come into play, using common sense, but also just feeling out the women here and deciding which might is best for you. This, in combination with deciding what amount of drama or little “games” like this appeal to you, or are tolerable at all.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get to know people, and extend your network in every possible way if you’re looking to really find the Filipina of your dreams. Be yourself, respectful, sincere, and just abide by the basics like treating others how you want to be treated. Depending on how long your stay, you’re more than likely to meet a few lifetime friends and even the woman you’ll one day marry.

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