Rio Carnival – A Great Place to Meet Hot Brazilian Girls


Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is literally an annual SUPER festival of activities, celebration, and socializing amongst Brazilians, neighboring countries, and tourists alike!

Carnival is a 5 day celebration before Easter, and is full of dancing, partying, and interacting amongst Brazilians and foreigners from all over the world, proudly dancing and sambaing their way down the streets of Rio and its surrounding districts and towns in celebration of their country and heritage!

While starting on a Friday and finishing officially on Fat Tuesday, it’s worth making travel plans such as flight, hotel, and all that other good stuff well in advance, since it’s so popular—visited by over half a million tourists annually in Rio, Brazil alone for Carnival—so get it together, be ready, and put on your party-all-night gear because this will be nearly a week of fun and partying non-stop that you’re sure to never forget!

Partying with the Locals

One of the best ways to meet local, beautiful, and single Brazilian women during Carnival in Rio is to meet, mingle, drink, and socialize or dance with locals at one of the local street parades or parties—known as “Blocos”, there are pretty much endless block parties in each neighborhood during Carnival!

Blocos are an especially good way to meet new Brazilian women and make friends while learning to Samba because each neighborhood has its own theme, dance-school, and parade costumes, traditions, and routines!

Preparations and Being Yourself

While it’s important to remember to try and brush up a little on Portuguese before going down to Brazil for Carnival, it’s OK if you don’t speak it too well, just be nice, respectful, smile, and you’ll find that plenty of Brazilian women do understand or speak at least a little English, and will admire your desire for her culture and maybe even decide to celebrate Carnival with you!

Getting in with the locals could also lead to meeting more, single, sexy Brazilian women so take your time, be friendly, adventurous, and make sure you Samba your heart out! It’s not uncommon that some (not most) of the locals will wind up heading to the bigger party or parades later on, such as the Samba Parade or other formal events. Although it is possible that they are the “key” or answer to endless other parties that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

Dependent upon what section of Rio you’re in, you may be dancing with the main parade, alongside of, or outside of a roped off section—or even bar-hopping along the way!

It’s up to you, the people you bring or brought with you, and what your heart desires!

It’s OK to be a Tourist

Plenty of foreigners come to Brazil’s Carnival festivals to celebrate and enjoy the top-notch costumes and performances through buying tickets in advance and attending the show at the Sambodromo (Rio’s entertainment ‘dome’ or Stadium).

While it’s definitely worth bringing a friend (we mean Wingman) there’s no need to bring a lady along with you as there’s plenty there drinking, socializing, and dancing who have their eyes open for rare-instances of attractive foreigner men such as yourself.

A lot of Brazilians don’t celebrate Carnival at the Sambodromo because they can’t afford it, not because they don’t want to.

Should you be interested in spicing it all up a little bit more for yourself though, get yourself into an official local Samba School, register for the Carnival, buy a costume, and get your own free admission so you can dance your heart out with some of the most astonishingly beautiful, adventurous and open-minded women of your life right on the very streets that the parades are going down!

Brazilian women love to meet new people, are extremely passionate, and given the celebrations should not be all too bashful to lay a kiss on you if she likes you!

This is a much safer alternative and location for someone not looking to attend a lot of street parties or “blocos”, but there’s definitely nothing wrong with attending or trying out both—plus why not give formal events a shot too!


Spending Money for Brazil’s Carnival Private Parties

If you’re interested in spending a little bit of ‘extra money’, then researching and registering for private parties, a Ball, or other special event could be the perfect way for you to meet, mingle, and enjoy your trip in Brazil with some of its classiest, (upper-class) women—who are more than likely going to fluently understand and speak English—but also pretty self-sufficient and possibly already taken, so be mindful.

While there will be majority foreigners at these parties, there’s also plenty of Brazilian students on occasion that will attend some of them.  Besides, there’s no harm in hooking up with an international chick. You can always keep an eye out for new wingmen, and network along the way to expose yourself to even more beautiful, single Brazilian women that might just be only a phone call or few blocks away through your new friends or contact!

Why Celebrating Carnival in Rio is the Best

While there are a handful of other incredible places to spend Carnival in Brazil, such as Porto Seguro, Sao Paulo, or even Salvador, Rio is by far one of the most heavily populated, tourist friendly, and most importantly the number one in tradition for celebrating Carnival with its elaborate floats, dance-groups and schools, entertainment originating within the Rio dome (Sambodromo), it’s street festivals, marching bands and (some cross-dressing, careful!) dancers, and more!

Rio is an awesome place to celebrate Carnival, and like Salvador, it’s not unheard of to give away and get free kisses in exchange for beads in places like Rio, especially because Brazilians are moving about the entire country back and forth from city to city to celebrate Carnival with their family and friends, not just one place—so some women that you meet in Rio might easily be from Salvador!

You never know who you’re going to meet, and what friends she has, and her friend’s friend, and so on. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your eyes out for and approaching a woman with her mom or family either, just be respectful, mindful, and use your common sense!

Playing it Safe

Always put yourself in the opposing persons shoes, use good judgement, stay away from dark areas, small districts not frequented by tourists, and leave your valuables at home or anything you won’t miss because pickpocketing, unfortunately, is understandably popular in Rio during Carnival—the police do their best, but you have to do your due diligence to protect your belongings too!

Most importantly, have fun. Brazilian women love foreigner men by nature because you’re different, they are blunt, and will undoubtedly let you know if and when they like or want you.

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